Statement Regarding 1779 Club

In late April, it was brought to the attention of the Nashville Soccer Supporters Trust that an issue was developing between the members of the 1779 Club and Nashville Soccer Club. Using our unique position as the voice of the fan with the club the Trust brought this issue to the club and worked with them to come to a mutually beneficial solution.

The key outcomes of this resolution are as follows:

  • NSC wants the 1779 Club members to know that they are very important to NSC.

  • 1779 Club member numbers are available to anyone who wants to know.

  • 1779 Club members will have priority position for MLS tickets, provided they remain a season ticket holder. Order is based broadly on the order of 1779 Club sign on.

  • In 2019, NSC is planning on issuing a lapel pin to each 1779 Club member.

  • By the end of 2018, NSC will develop a tab on the team website that will list all 1779 Club members.

  • NSC is exploring the idea of having a plaque at the new stadium, training facility, etc., that will enshrine all the names of the 1779 Club members. This, however, will take some years to develop and implement. (Members must give authorization to use their names.)

The Trust would like to thank the supporters and its membership for bringing this issue forward. The Trust would also like to thank NSC, particularly club CEO Court Jeske, for his prompt and sincere efforts to address this issue.

Clay Trainum